Spam Picks

Akisimet is a spam filter, which – on blogs hosted as sub-domains here on, like this one – comes equipped as standard, one of the huge bonuses of blogging here. It can also be used on self-hosted sites.

It catches most any spammish comment submitted to the site and isolates them, meaning I don’t need to deal with them in normal comment moderation.

Most spam is wearingly familiar and formulaic. Sometimes though, like the tortured words of a pompous politician, it can have an accidental poetry.

Overheard on Akismet

Spot on with this write-up, I honestly feel this site needs much more attention.

This comment was submitted for addition to God Complexities:

President, I think you’ll agree, this would probably put an end to all the name-calling that Democrats are currently subjected to thanks to our donkey symbol. Holidays are when many of the presents are purchased and shared.
a mysterious personage who, in the bleak light of dawn one Christmas morning, stumbled on a foundling – a baby camera tenderly wrapped in a little travel rug and gently place in a tiny wicker sleigh, discretely left at her front door.


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