The Shiniest of Two Turds

I’m not into politicians, but I did enjoy feeling sorry for Mitt Romney this week. Obama appeared very clever, but Romney’s performance appeared so stupid. Asked what makes him different from George W Bush, Romney gave an answer that sounded exactly like Bush, in both verbal inflection and policy content, while Obama took the opportunity to paint Romney as more right-wing than his predecessor.

Meanwhile, amongst all the fuss over ‘binders full of women’, it went unnoticed that Romney drew attention to a previous gaffe, claiming he visited London to ‘set the Olympics on track’.

I was watching the debate on Ustream, who after it finished asked people to ‘summarize’ the debate on Twitter. This was my response:

Beyond that, I can’t add much more than has been said by ZeFrank’s Notes on the Debate:

Epic Rap Battles of History took the opportunity to release their Obama/Romney battle earlier the same day, and seemed to catch the mood:


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